In my writing I mainly focus on psychological research, biography and intercultural living. I report about new psychological theories and studies, profile renowned scientists and illuminate the joys and challenges of living abroad. I also write about Yoga. Most of my texts are published in German.
Besides a doctorate in economics, additional studies in psychology and 25 years of experience in journalism, I rely on my curiosity and a deep love for writing.

Journalistic work

In-depth, well researched, full of surprising and helpful insights - this is what I regard as an ideal piece and what I am striving for in my work. 

Articles & Interviews

Central to my articles and interviews is a simple question: How can psychological research help to improve people’s lives? I cover topics spanning a broad spectrum, from individual and social psychology to market and health psychology. Recent examples include: Why is it beneficial to belong to a club or other group? How does the cloths we wear effect our mood? Why are people who experience stress attracted too black-and-white-thinking and exreme political opinions?
Most of my articles appear in Psychologie Heute (the leading psychology magazine for the general public in Germany) for which I serve as a US-correspondent. My articles have also been published in many other magazines and newspaper, among them brand eins, Gehirn & Geist, Financial Times Deutschland, Wirtschaftswoche (all Germany), Scientific American Mind (USA) and Psicologia Contemporanea (Italy). 

Access my recent article about Asking questions here.


My profiles of outstanding thinkers in psychology and psychĂ­atry are based on two core questions: Which experiences were especially formative? How are these experiences related to the work this person does? Personalities from various fields have answered these questions for me in in-depth conversations. Among them are  Dan Ariely, Paul Baltes, Simon Baron-Cohn, Roy Baumeister, Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi, Paul Ekman, Eva Jaeggi, Daniel Kahneman, Otto Kernberg, Elizabeth Loftus, Steven Pinker, Friedemann Schulz von Thun, Mark Solms, Elsbeth Stern, Helm Stierlin, Irvin Yalom and Philip Zimbardo. The profiles can be accessed in Psychologie Heute’s archive. 20 of them are included in the book Menschenbilder (see Books).

Access my last profile about Ursula Staudinger (Columbia University, New York) here.


Topics that are most dear to me have found their way into three books. The most recent is about the deep and complex relationship between people and their belongings. The middle one is a collection of profiles about renowned psychologists and psychiatrists I have written for Psychologie Heute. My first book is a biography about Joseph A. Schumpeter, the Austrian-American economist who coinded the term "creative destruction” in regard to innovation.

Hardcover, 256 pages
Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt, October 2012, German
ISBN-10: 3421044937
ISBN-13: 978-3421044938 

Paperback, 224 pages
Beltz Verlag, July 2010, German
ISBN-10: 3407472072
ISBN-13: 978-3407472076

Hardcover, 280 pages
Campus Verlag, January 2008, German
ISBN-10: 3593384906
ISBN-13: 978-3593384900