I took my first class in London 30 years ago - and the Yogic life has fascinated me ever since. Practicing Yoga regularly helps me to keep my body healthy, but also to find more equanimity of mind in daily life and to develop a deeper sense of spirituality.
My own teaching is mostly influenced by Jim Bennitt and James Tennant, the co-owners of Tejas Yoga in Chicago, where I became a certified teacher in 2016. I am tremendously grateful for the opportunity to learn from them.
In my classes for individuals and groups, I aim for a harmonious balance of asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation & concentration elements while also taking Ayurvedic aspects into account (students’ dosha, time of day, season). I especially like to work with beginners and people who face physical or psychological challenges. One of my most gratifying task so far was introducing breast cancer patients and survivors into the basics of Yoga.
I also write about Yoga focusing on the increasing amount of scientific research that is done across the world.

Writing: Yoga research

What do scientists know about the physical and psychological benefits of Yoga?
An overview article (in German)
Psychologie Heute 06/2013

How Yoga can help to improve focus and concentration
Interview with Harvard researcher Sat Bir Khalsa (in German)
brand eins 04/2014
Read the interview here.

Interested in private sessions for individuals, couples or small groups?

In one-on-one sessions, I work with students in various ways. If you are a beginner, I help you to build your Yoga practice from the ground up and introduce you to important basics and principles. I also assist students of all levels who are seeking to develop a self-practice and need guidance with sequencing. If you have physical or emotional limitations that prevent you from enjoying a public Yoga class I can help you to find appropriate variations and modifications.  

Taking a Yoga session as a couple, with a friend or within a small group of neighbors or colleagues is another great way to experience the benefits of Yoga in a more private setting.
You can take just one or two sessions or schedule a private class on a regular basis.

If you are interested don’t hesitate to get in touch! I’d love to meet you. You find the contact form here.