Journalistic Work

The scope of my topics is broad. I report on new psychological theories and studies, profile renowned scientists and illuminate the joys and challenges of living abroad. I also write about yoga which I have been practicing for the last 30 years. Whatever the topic is that I write about, I aim for in-depth, well researched pieces that inspire readers and help them to live a better life.

You find a selection of recent articles, interviews and profiles below. Click on the images to access the pieces.

Psychologie Heute

What is a good life? There are very differnt answers to this question.

Psychologie Heute

The joy of pain. The pain of joy.

Psychologie Heute

Profile Steven Hayes 
(University of Nevada, Reno

Psychologie Heute

Interview with philosopher Neil Levy:
How informative are deathbed regrets?

Psychologie Heute

Article on the benefits of casual relationships

Psychologie Heute

Profile James Pennebaker
(University of Texas at Austin)

Story on Medium

The Feel-Good Magic of Flowers 

Photo: / yarruta

Cover Story
Psychologie Heute

4 Ways to Live a Fulfilling Life

Neue Z├╝rcher Zeitung am Sonntag Magazine  

Interview Psychiatrist Sue Stuart Smith: The Therapeutic Power of Gardening

Psychologie Heute

Echoism: Dare to Take Yourself Seriously

Psychologie Heute

Profile Susan Fiske (Princeton University)


The Psychology of Luxury Goods

2019/ Ausstellung Purer Luxus

Psychologie Heute

Interview Alexandra Horowitz: About the Special Bond Between Dogs and Us

Cover-Story Psychologie Heute

Late Bloomers:
My Time is Now

Psychologie Heute

Profile Frans de Waal (Emory University)

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