Topics that are most dear to me have found their way into three books. The most recent one is about the deep and complex relationships that people develop to their belongings. The second book is a collection of profiles about renowned psychologists and psychiatrists which were originally published in Psychologie Heute. The first book is a biography on Joseph A. Schumpeter, the Austrian-American economist who coinded the term "creative destruction”.

Hardcover, 256 pages
Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt, Munich, October 2012
ISBN-10: 3421044937
ISBN-13: 978-3421044938 

There is also a Korean edition by Bookhouse Publishing Co., Ltd.

What reviewers said:  

Die Welt - March 23, 2013
“[The author] not only talks about psychological findings and scientific studies, but also interviews people who have lost all their belongings through theft or fire, as well as some passionate collectors. Written in an entertaining manner, but with scientific rigor, [the book] encourages the reader to reconsider his own behavior as a consumer. This is exactly what Annette Schaefer wants.”, Mar 24, 2013
“In order to explore the tension between connectedness and letting go, Schaefer has analyzed numerous studies. [She] asks questions which might confront the readers - maybe painfully -with their own experiences: What are our wishes and what do we hope will happen when they are fulfilled? In the end, it dawns on you, that to have more does not necessarily means more happiness, but that without some personal belongings we will not cope well either."

Buch- und Kunstverlag Herbert Pardatscher-Bestle – Bücherrundschau (A), 2/12 
“A very remarkable book."

Paperback, 224 pages
Beltz Verlag, Weinheim/ Basel, July 2010
ISBN-10: 3407472072
ISBN-13: 978-3407472076

What reviewers said: 
Bayrisches Ärzteblatt - April 1, 2011
"Twenty great psychologists talk about their motivations, their career paths and their work. Each of the life stories combines biography and work in a special way.”

Gehirn & Geist - Nov 12, 2010
“As a student of psychology, you usually get to know the greats of the field only though sparse source citations. With her profile collection, the journalist Annette Schaefer fills a gap: She puts a face to many names known from text books."

Hardcover, 280 pages
Campus Verlag, Frankfurt/ New York, January 2008
ISBN-10: 3593384906
ISBN-13: 978-3593384900 

There is also a Chinese (simplified) edition by China Machine Press.

What reviewers said:  
NZZ am Sonntag - May 25th, 2008
"Schaefer gets close up to Schumpeter; the book sometimes reads like an adventure through the psyche of a highly talented person."

Handelsblatt - February 8th, 2008
"A new Schumpeter biography well worth reading ... The author traces his eventful life with sensitivity and with many details."

Financial Times Deutschland - January 18, 2008
"What distinguishes the book from other biographies is the deep look into Schumpeter's inner life. Behind the facade of the dandy hid a person who was torn his whole life ... A good book - not only for bad economic times."

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - January 21, 2008
"The journalist Annette Schaefer has studied economics and psychology and therefore knows how to approach the phenomenon that Schumpeter was from both perspectives."

Psychologie Heute - September 2008
"As far as I know, Schumpeter's life has never been written about in such a sensitive way."